Monday, July 23, 2012


Day 6....Not anymore.  We are back to Day one.  I will not feel guilt.  I will not dwell after this.  I will move on.  Over the weekend I ate horribly.  I have the habit of eating emotionally.  I have a food addiction.  I realize this.  I have been dealing with "stuff"  I don't deal well with the stuff because it is out of my control.  I like to be in control of everything.  there are things I need and want and when they don't go the way I want I do what I can control and that is what I put in my mouth,.  It is like I want to take revenge on what I can't control and say "take that. look what I can do." This obviously backfires with weight gain, not losing, feeling physically not right, and finally emotionally a wreck which then repeats the vicious cycle.  So I start over now that I recognize this revelation that I have always known but could never admit, until now.   So I start fresh.  I work on me.  I forget what I can't control and choose to make healthy choices I can control.  I take control of healing myself.  I take control of food not satisfying me but relying on the one who can.  the one who created me.  The one who breathed life into me and holds me in his hands to mold me into what he wants me to be.  I stay on the wheel and don't jump off.

I also ran 2.5 miles and smiled.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

day 3-RAW

So it is day three of mostly Raw.  My dinners are the only thing at the moment. not.  My husband jokes.  "Why are you not eating your shrimp Raw? tonight kids, Mommy is eating her meatloaf Raw."  Yeah, well, I do what can with what I have for now.  I must say eating shrimp Alfredo after two days of eating Raw made my brain and tummy not so happy.  I was nauseous, felt bloated, and got a ginormous head ache. this convinces me all the more that I want to do this completely by the end of thirty days.  I have more energy.  I am slightly cranky detoxing but that too shall pass.  I made these chocolate chip cookies.  pure awesome yumminess. The kids love them.  My husband even pondered eating them.  I might have to hide them.  Here is something I pondered yesterday.  where on earth will I get my sodium?  So I looked it up and found I will need to get an iodine supplement.  Not too worried about it until after I am completely Raw but I will do it.  Also B-12, but I already do that.   I also was concerned with Charlotte not getting enough iron.  She is not a big meat eater herself.  I figured out a way.  I make myself green smoothies every morning. Raw spinach with fruit mixed together with coconut milk.  It tastes yummy.  Charlotte loves them as much as me.  Problem solved.

I am also back to running.  I took three weeks off.  the first week I stopped, I had two extra kids.  It just was not happening.  the last two weeks i forgot my running shoes. (I guess I should have taken up barefoot running)  So I am slowly building back up to three miles.  Currently I am running every other day for two miles each day.  I pretend Bob from Biggest Loser is pushing me.  It just makes it easier.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

30 days to Raw Eating

Oh a new challenge!!!  I am taking the plunge.  I am going to be going Raw.  If you are unaware this means no cooked foods above 150 degrees.  This means no meat.  For those of you reading this wondering where I will get my iron, trust me there are plenty of veggies that contain Iron.  I am tired of my sugar addiction.  I am tired of staying at the same weight for well over a year.  17 months to be exact.  I just want to be healthy, have lots of energy, and not get sugar highs and drops that make me look like a crazy person with my emotions.  So the more I read on eating this way, the more I have come to the conclusion this is the way I want to eat.  I am getting into this slowly over the next month.  There are a few key items I need to get and need to use to make this happen

1.  A juicer.  I don't have one.  I need one to juice my veggies.   There are some veggies I detest but when juiced with some apples I can pretend I am not actually eating them.  One is raw carrots.  I can shred them on my salad and eat them.  I just can not have big chunks of them.  I am pretty sure if I juice them with an apple I can deal with them

2. Dehydrator:  I have one.  It is a good one to make "cooked foods" so to speak.  I also adore dried fruits.

3. coffee grinder: well I honestly can't remember why I need this but I read that I do for something other than coffee.

4. Raw Honey.  no, I am not going to go to a beehive and get my own.  I will go to the health food store.  This is what I will use to sweeten if necessary

5. sprouting:  there are things that I will sprout.  so I will need sprouting bags or a mason jar.

I also plan to grow some of my own veggies next year.  I had a home grown tomato today and I about died from happiness.  Best tomato I have ever tasted.

Some people eat grains.  I am not for now.  I don't expect anybody else in my family to do this I am cooking  for them.  Being I am not eating it I figure money wise it will balance because I will spend less on making dinner and use that money to feed me.  However, I am not buying chips, cookies, or anything that comes in a box for snacks so already that saves $$$$.   If they want a cookie than they better look at God's cookies and eat a crunchy apple.  (I do have a great recipe for chocolate chip raw cookies that I will hoard because they are that delicious.)

One of my resources is Hallelujah Acres.  So my plan is to be 95% Raw by mid  August.  I mean, give up coffee?  I am not sure if I am willing to do that.